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The Most Compelling Financial Success Plan To Live A Life That Fits Your Dreams!

“I’ve taught thousands of 18-29 year olds how to dream, save, spend, invest and give money differently to reach their personal goals and dreams because traditional financial education stinks


I'm an author, coach and founder of Young Money University.  It’s been an exciting and humbling experience to help thousands of people like you begin to do money differently to reach goals and dreams.   All it takes is some simple but powerful tweaks to keep and grow more of what you earn.

It all started when I was earning money in my teen years cutting grass in my neighborhood…

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How we can help you get to where you want to go!


Young Money University’s 5 Step Plan to Financial Success curriculum is empowering thousands of people (young and older) across the nation to believe in the achievement of their dreams by learning how to think about and do money differently.



Over the last 15 years we have been helping thousands of young people begin to dream again by learning how to leverage the power of their youth with the power of money--even small amounts of money.



I teach and coach Gen Z and Millennials how to think differently about money in order to achieve long term financial and life success. My content is best suited for any organization that wants to make a real impact with younger generations.


"Todd was the most influential speaker I have ever heard on campus."

- Matt M.
Student at Canisius College

"I saw Todd speak at Miami Dade College and I have to say, he gave my life a new meaning. Todd opened my eyes and I can't wait to start on his 5 Step Money Plan!"

- Wookerson R.
Student at Miami Dade College

"Thank you for presenting at LSU and fundamentally changing the lives of the attendees"

Bronson F.
Student at Louisiana State University

Subscribe for FREE to Receive: 

Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Investing (PDF)
• Weekly tips to do money differently

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