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I’ve been teaching and coaching thousands of 18-29 year olds how to create a life that fits their dreams by learning how to think about and do money differently.



I started managing and investing money at age 15 through earnings from a small grass cutting business I started in Dayton, Ohio. I bought 10 shares of my first stock (Johnson & Johnson) at age 16 and invested $1,000 into my first mutual fund (T. Rowe Price Science and Technology fund) at age 18. My Dad was not a banker, financial planner or a Wall Street guy. He, along with my Mom, simply taught me the value of a strong work ethic, the importance of saving and the time value of money when you invest it.

But don’t get me wrong. I have also made some dumb money mistakes along the way. I can say without a doubt that my experience with making great and poor money decisions in the past has helped me tremendously with creating an iron clad 5 step money system that is helping thousands of people from all over believe in their future again.

Here is my family which consists of my wife Jaci, three sons (JackLuke and Alec) and daughter Mia.


I’m also the founder of Young Money magazine which was in existence from 2000 -2009. Nearly 7 million copies of the only money magazine for young adults was distributed on 300+ college campuses in 25 states. What a great experience interviewing top entrepreneurs, professional athletes and other personalities for our magazine like Mark Cuban.

Since 2010, I’ve spoken to tens of thousands of milllennials, Gen Z’ers and Gen X’ers in 37 states and abroad through the Young Money University LIVE! Financial Success Speaking Tour.  Such an amazing opportunity and privilege to see beliefs and attitudes change almost instantly within younger generations about their future when speaking live.


Younger generations are thirsting for a real solution to make sense out of money and be told exactly what to do in order to reach goals and dreams.   Take the next step and subscribe for free below to receive simple, relevant but powerful content to finally DO MONEY DIFFERENTLY!

I look forward to coaching and serving you so you can live out your life dreams! You can contact me via email here.

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