Ditch traditional financial education.  It’s simply not working and that’s a big problem. YOUNG MONEY UNIVERSITY is taking a leadership role by empowering thousands of people like you to believe in the achievement of their dreams and goals by learning how to think about and do money differently.

Intro to Young Money University Package

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  • YMU's New and Simple Way to Save and Budget Money (PDF)
  • YMU's Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Investing (PDF)
  • Todd's top recommendations to switch your bank and where to start your investment account

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Young Money University Membership

  Join like minded people who want to learn how to dream, save, spend, invest and protect their money differently
✓   Exclusive weekly content from YMU founder Todd Romer on how to keep and grow more of what you earn
✓  Simple yet powerful strategies to reduce financial stress and create wealth

✓  Gain exclusive access to the YMU Success Community
And so much more....

PRICE: 7 Day Trial for $1

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Do Money Differently

Do Money Differently is an online training that shows you how to:

  Live a life that fits your dreams through 5 simple yet powerful steps
✓   Create a WHY for your life that will fire you up to take new action on your goals/dreams
✓   Reduce stress and gain more control by saving and spending your monthly income differently

✓   Create real long term wealth by finally learning about investing (how and where to start)

PRICE: $97


Investing Made Easy

Investing Made Easy is an online training that shows you how to:

  Overcome any fear or concern you may have about investing in stocks
✓   Open your first or second investment account with trusted investment management companies
✓   Create long term wealth by automating your monthly investment differently

✓   Expand your dreams and goals with newfound knowledge about investing

PRICE: $67


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