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Any false fears or lies you may be believing about yourself have nothing to do with your ability to reach your goals and dreams. 

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The YMU Community is all about people like you who want to cut through the crap of traditional financial education and follow a money system that leads to more joy, purpose and meaning. 

  • When you join Young Money University you will finally have all the tools you need to do money differently. 
  • Money should be not complicated, yet somehow our world has made it that way.   Let YMU be your trusted money coach and system that will enable you to believe again in the achievement of your dreams. 
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"I can't say thank you enough. Young Money University's content on how to achieve financial success is terrific and has changed the outlook on my life. My girlfriend and I just opened up new digital envelopes and set up automation. Yes!"

Buffalo, NY

"Hands down Todd Romer and Young Money University have changed the trajectory of my life. The content is that good."

Cole Blessinger
Bloomington, IN

"Young Money University delivers concrete, simple and realistic steps for anyone to become financially healthy and no question - financially wealthy."

Raleigh, NC

"I was skeptical about the content as I thought it was going to be all about how important money is. But you share in YMU how managing money differently and investing can lead to big impact in the lives of others who are in real need. So great!"

State College, PA

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